'Friends of Linda' Series - 17"x14"

Where do 'Friends of Linda' come from? Are they real people?

The answer is, they come from the miasma of my subconscious. Possibly they are channeling from another dimension. Do they exist somewhere?

Not preconceived, I begin with meandering lines on 17" x 14" heavy art paper in black, purple, green, blue and red ink. I have no idea who will ultimately appear ... until the last few strokes are added. Each one takes 4 - 5 hours to complete. There are approximately 130 'Friends' at present.

My wish is to present the human face as a blank canvas upon which life has imprinted the person. You, the viewer, are invited to flesh out a story. Exercise your imagination! Do you see a kind soul ... a terrorist? Does a face tell all?

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