Warrior Women
   By Linda Louis
Warrior Woman International is a series of twenty-three portraits of women representing nineteen countries. They range in age from 65 to 12 years, expressing womanhood in uniquely personal ways.
With Warrior Woman International I delve into a psychological space where the ambitions and achievements of twenty-three specific personas the ‘Any Woman’ and the ‘Every Woman’, represent all women-kind. The meaning of success is different for each individual and comes in many forms to the women of Warrior Woman International. Traditional and non-traditional accomplishments and the imperative to reach a goal, in many cases, is specific to their place of origin. Every story is unique, the world over, as is every story in this series.
The creative process I employ with Warrior Woman International is the yang to the yin of my more familiar abstract landscape suites. The two concentrations, rather than opposing each other, are complementary and prepare the ground for greater creative exploration. For me, it is a dynamic system that encourages each style to operate independently.
The portraits are not preconceived. Who will appear, her national origin, and any details she will later reveal, are a mystery. I love the surprise! The details ultimately result from random lines on paper that circle and undulate until someone emerges. In this series it is always a woman, I do not know who she is until her portrait is finished and her story is written.

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ALMIRA - Cordoba, Spain
BETHEA - Japan & Europe
ETHEREA - Mexico
GISELLA - Mumbai, India
HEROA - Istanbul,Turkey
JAYDE - Alabama, USA
KALISHA - Unknown
LARAMAE - Paris, France
MAHALA - Rio, Brazil
MIKALA - Hong Kong
MON CHERIE - Tazmania
NIKA - Everywhere
PADYA - Perm, Russia
REGGIE - Scotland
RHANI - Malaysia
TALITHEA - Denmark
TAPUA - Native American
TZARITA - Africa
VIOLETTA - Armenia