A Lovely Sound
A Stroke Of Luck
Away We Go
Base Camp
Break Dancer
Cherry Tree
En Garde
Flying Carpet
Fruit Anyone
Here We Go Loopty Loo I See You
Jump Sky High Just Dessert Let's Talk
Making Magic Music Studio Musical Interlude
Noodling One, Two, Three, Four, Five Presto Chango
Rain On A Sunny Day Riding Lesson Shall We Dance
Storm In The Desert Strike Up The Band Strolling
Summer House Sunset Take That

10" x 8" wax & pigment on archival paper


Jewels in Sunlight are wax & pigment miniatures. The title comes from the jewel-like colors and the way light is reflected off of the wax in combination with the brilliant white of the paper.
      Jewels in Sunlight have inspired and been prototypes for the 48" x 36" oils on canvas series called 'Vernal Mystery'.



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