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28" x 33" framed -  wax, pigment & ink on archival paper 


This Series ponders the historical deification & adoration of the sun since the dawn of time. Early peoples depended upon the sun's beneficent light, warmth & healthful properties, giving the celestial orb it's most venerated day in the reign of Akhenaton, Pharaoh of ancient Egypt ca. 1367 B.C.E. Throughout time rulers have believed they were anointed by God.

        SunGod worship combined with the human personification holds a fascination for me. That is why Louis has attempted to portray the combined God/Human image.

        SunGoddess emerged without preconception. SunGoddesses start as spiraling & intertwining thin black lines conjure a connection with the essence of the work. Cold wax & pigment are burnished in vivid layers with a vigorous action that merges polishes & fuses the colors. More lines and colors are applied to emphasize sunbursts & rays.

        "I am SunGoddess, the source of all life. I am the light. From me all things derive. I am nurturer. I am mother." SunGoddesses exist on their own terms. I am the medium by which they achieve actuality.


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